Introducing the HYSS Card: Your Personalized Web-3 Wallet Identity Crypto’s decentralized nature makes it the best method the transfer fund online, but there is also a lot of room for mistake in crypto transfer. From copying the wrong address to making a typo, many people mistakenly send fund to a wrong address and face irreversible consequences. Understanding the current problem with crypto transfer, the HYSS team presents you the HYSS Card: a personalized profile system for crypto wallet. The HYSS card seeks to humanize crypto by giving you the chance to create a web-3 identity for your wallet, thus helping people recognize they’re sending you, not anyone else crypto. To create your first HYSS Card, all you need is a crypto wallet like MetaMask and a Twitter username to pull in your profile picture/banner. Thanks to the HYSS Card, your days of manually copying wallet address and fearing for a mistake will be over. Sending funds to friends, family, and business associates has never been easier. HYSS Card guarantees you confidence in crypto transactions and we will continue to improve our service to give you the best experience possible. You must be logged in to view other profiles. You can create your profile and set username/other details inside the settings after login. Start your own wallet web-3 profile today with HYSS Protocol!