Whitelist? Presale?
No whitelist or presale, FairLaunch on 15:00 (UTC) March 23 2022 End Time: 16:00 (UTC) March 23 2022.
When pancake list ?
16:00 UTC March, 24th, 2022 - (24 Hours after Fairlaunch ends) IMPORTANT!!! Do not buy until we have official announcement
Contract address: 0xE745C551389556f2ba42bDd27EecbaD326B7E65b
Chart: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0xE745C551389556f2ba42bDd27EecbaD326B7E65b
Where to buy?
Pancakeswap. BNB / HYSS pair
Please read our whitepaper here, everything is nicely and very thoroughly explained there. https://docs.hyss.finance/
Token taxes:
14% buy tax / 16% sell tax (burn 5% total)
Max buy / max sell : No.
Slippage: 14-16%
Starting market cap? TBA after listing
What is / how vesting works? TGE 100%
Initial token price: Based on how many BNB raised in fairlaunch - the price can not calculated before the fairlaunch finalize.
Total tokens for fairlaunch ? 588,000 HYSS
Total Supply? 1,000,000 HYSS
Liquidity locked? 51% BNB raised for 50 years
Audit? Done, https://github.com/solidproof/projects/tree/main/Hyss
Where’s the team come from? The HYSS Team is an all-star team. Our CEO has 10 years of experience in the tech industry and is leading the HYSS tech team of 5 blockchain/solidity/DApp/web developers. We also have an in-house designer and a marketing team of 4 people. Using our experience and connections in the crypto world, we will deliver a flawless product and a highly effective marketing campaign.
Dev doxxed ? Everyone wants to see the real face of the dev team to increase trust in the project. But you know, in this crypto world, people who show their real faces are often used and faked by others. We do not want our data to be spread and abused, so we will choose the right time to disclose our identity to all investors. ( BUT HYSS Kyced by Pinksale ) -> 100% SAFU
Why can dev disable trading? Dev can’t disable trading intentionally.
APY up to 499,000% Calculation ?
First year: 0.02431% every 15 minutes next 6 months: 0.002% every 15 minutes. next 7 years: 0.00012% every 15 minutes after 7 years: 0.00002% every 15 minutes when it reach 10 billion total supply.
1.0002431^(96*365) = 4999.9779
Is HYSS can any chances rug ?
✅LP locked for 50 years
✅No mint function detected
✅Owner can not change max transaction amount
✅Owner can not pause trading
✅Hyss was kyced by Pinksale ( SAFU 10000%)
How can we sustain these APY ?
HYSS Insurance Fund (HIF)
5% of all trading fees are stored in the HIF, which operates as an insurance fund that consistently pays a 0.02431% rebase rate to all $HYSS holders every 15 minutes to ensure price sustainability and long-term growth of the HYSS Protocol.
Auto Burning Mechanism – The Black Hole
The Black Hole is the HYSS Protocol’s unique burning mechanism. 2.5% of all $HYSS traded are burnt in the Black Hole. The more that is traded, the more get sucked into the Black Hole. As the Black Hole expands in size, positive rebase interest is offset, the circulating supply is reduced and HYSS Protocol remains stable.
Periodic Liquidity Injection - HYSS Auto-Liquidity Engine (HALE)
HYSS Protocol automatically takes a 4% tax fee for every buy or sell order to store in an Auto-LP wallet. Our built-in Smart Contract will cleverly use this fund to automatically inject new liquidity into the existing LP, which helps combat market fluctuation as well as the positive rebase rewards. By adding more and more liquidity to the pool, the HALE allows $HYSS token holders to easily buy and sell their tokens any time with little to no market slippage
The reason why we did not set the buy-sell limit?
- Because we set the tax sell 16% buy 14%, so if the whale buys and sells in large quantities, they will lose 30% of the fee, this fee will go back to the insurance fund, liquidity vs black hole will be transferred to holders, so holders will have benefits when whales do their transactions.